The Wheel of Life

By Kelly Flores

The Wheel of LifeThere are lots of examples of the Wheel of Life.  All you have to do is Google it and see the variety of images that are displayed.  There can be any number of categories in your wheel.  For our purposes, we choose to use these categories: spiritual, physical, financial, social and career.  The wheel is an assessment tool used to evaluate your life in its current state.  Where are you doing well?  Where are you deficient?

(See the general wheel of life diagram)

It is easy to chart where you are.  If I just use numbers 1 through 5 (1 being “poor” and 5 being “fantastic”), I can chart each of the 5 categories I have decided to use and create my circle- or whatever awkward shape it comes out to be.  Then you can see what areas in your life are in decent shape, great shape or even deflated, i.e. awful, shape.

(See the personal diagram example)

So, I can easily see that I need to work on my physical side the most to at least bring it closer to the other scores.  If this charting is interesting to you and you want to learn more and go more in depth, you can visit many other websites on this topic such as

Grab a scratch piece of paper and try charting out your life.  You may realize just how good you are doing or just how out of proportion you are on the important areas of your life necessary for success and happiness.

What do you think? Leave me your comments to help others and motivate them to take action.

Success is for everyone. Many people have achieved it and tell their story.  It’s time for you to tell yours.

Remember to always ask God to guide you and give you wisdom to make good decisions in life.



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