shoppingWe love to do it; some more than others.  But shopping can get us in trouble very quickly.  The easy answer would be not to shop.  However, I doubt that people would actually follow that.  Instead, be conservative in your spending.  Ask yourself, do I really need that or can it wait?  Do I really love it or just like it?  These simple questions will help you to be better about not overspending.   You don’t have to completely cut out shopping if you can have some impulse and self-control.  Rethink each item you wish to purchase before you head to the checkout.  Often, you will realize that something you intended to purchase isn’t really necessary.  Every bit helps.  At the heart of your purchasing, keep the end result in mind- financial freedom.  You can do it!

What do you think?  Leave me your comments and you will help others and motivate them to take action. God bless you all!!

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