Getting Things Done In 3 Steps

TimeToday, the number one problem of most people is by how they are going to settle things undone in just a short period of time. There are some key ideas that you must know first in order to better do things in just a couple of steps.

Maybe many of you will be thinking that you need to get everything done in one day.  But try to consider the fact that you only have limited time in a single day and you might be losing the hope of achieving the goal. If only you will learn how to spend your time properly to the right things, then you will be able to maximize your energy, effort and time for the significant tasks.

Following some helpful tips will help you produce meaningful and essential results. One good gift for you is that each passing day is a new chance to practice and knock out all those things that need to be done. Here is one way of getting things done in 3 steps. read more

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How to appreciate the people who have influenced your life

Influence People copyThere are many people around us that make us look good and make our lives easier. These people have sacrificed and struggled for us to fulfill our dreams. Nobody gets where they are on their own. If they think they have, they are wrong. It’s very important to give credit to those who have helped, guided and supported you.

From the moment we arrived in this world, someone has been helping us. We are here today due to the love and care of doctors, nurses, parents, grandparents, teachers, church leaders and the countless number of people that have been a part of our lives. Numerous people have contributed to get us that extra mile in our lives and help us fulfill our dreams and goals.

In addition, we have people making life better and easier with their services each and every day. Have you ever thought about how nice it is to have clean streets and efficient trash collecting?  If you have visited other countries, you may see that this is not exactly a priority.  Have you noticed how nice it is to have the help of the person that sacks your groceries, delivers your mail, takes care of you at restaurants or helps give you directions at the convenience store when you are lost?  These people are so often overlooked.  Have you thought about those who serve our country in the military, work to keep our streets safe, rush to our aid in a medical emergency or lead us spiritually in our churches?

Now my question is, “who are you grateful for”?  I think the list will be quite long if you take the time to think about it.

Take a few minutes of your time and express your appreciation. Tell the guy who is bringing the grocery carts back into the store that he is doing a great job.  Thank your child’s teacher for going above and beyond.  Send cards or emails of thanks.  Make a quick phone call or pull someone aside to express your gratitude.  You would be surprised at how a little gesture can go a long way into motivating that person and improving their day. When you put those words in their mind, they feel special and will continue leaving footprints in the lives of others.

You must recognize that you are where you are because someone helped you.


What do you think? Leave me your comments to help others and motivate them to take action.

Success is for everyone. Many people have achieved it and tell their story.  It’s time for you to tell yours.

Remember to always ask God to guide you and give you wisdom to make good decisions in life.


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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

One MillionHow do normal people, like you and I, become first generation millionaires?  They have always told themselves that they have a millionaire mind and they follow the principles of successful people.  In addition, they associate themselves with successful people.

So, you need to start by telling yourself, “I have a millionaire mind”.  With a millionaire mind, you can be loving, generous, affectionate, healthy, have spiritual principles and a balanced life.  If you have all these qualities, you will become very rich.

Many people are confused with knowing how to live their life.  They say you can’t be happy and rich.  In thinking that the rich are not happy, they then prefer to be poor and unhappy.  But I have another mentality.   You can have both things. Why not be happy and have money?  Moreover, you can make money if you change your way of thinking.  read more

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Types of Millionaire Investments

InvesmentsThe past several years have taught me what the secret is of people who are successful in investing and growing their money.  I have found that there are different types of investments that you can study to become very wealthy, however, this is nearly impossible if you work an entire lifetime earning menial wages.  It is a good tool to start with and then you can change your strategy the further you get into it.

So that you can get where you want, you must have an attitude and desire to succeed in life. Moreover, no matter where you’re in the world, your level of education, financial status or lack thereof, do not pay attention to people who are telling you that to make money you need money.  All those people who think that way have a poor mind.  They are people without a future.  I call them normal people.  It is their excuse for doing nothing and they are comfortable with what they have.  They do not want to take the risk of confronting life and its many opportunities.

Now, what is the best investment for your money to grow but does not require you to work incredibly hard your whole life and achieve nothing in the end?  There are many types of investments.  Personally, I ‘m a value investor.  This means that I look for read more

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5 Steps How Successful People Think

Successfull ThinkingThe ultimate goal of everyone is to be happy and successful regardless of their age, gender, race, or their chosen career in life. Whether it is for their personal desire or for your emotional welfare, everyone wanted to become successful. In order to achieve a successful life, you need to identify your goal and passion. But, passion is not enough to become successful. You also need to set your goals and aim in life in order to attain your dreams. Your goals and aims will provide you a sense of meaning and direction in life.

You are probably wondering how successful people think. You might actually think that it is pure luck. However, they become successful because they grab every opportunity that comes in their way. They don’t just sit and dream; instead they set a goal and make it happen. They manage their read more

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Five Steps to Success

Success copySuccess is the complete result of people’s natural action. It is completely predictable and logical that is why most of the people are dreaming, aspiring, working, and exemplifying it since they really wanted to achieved success in their life. But there are always obstacles that will hamper your way towards success that is why you need to develop patience and perseverance in working for your own success.

There are five different steps that will help you to determine what success is. To give you an idea with what is success, here are the important success keys you need to always remember and these are as follows:

  1. Vision

Vision completely clears the confusion giving you direction, hope, and energy towards success. A statement vision in your life can read more

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What is Hope?

One of the most important attitudes that people should not miss in their life is hope. It is an optimistic attitude that is primarily based on the positive outcomes and perspectives in life. It is an action that manifests expecting with confidence at the same time cherishing your desire with anticipation. Some people define hope as a belief that all circumstances that would be happening into your life would effectively become better. It can encompass all the things that are happening in every people’s life.  Through hope people can surpass every struggles and shortcomings that would exist in their life.Hope

Effective Ways in Developing Hope in Life

When hope would be missing in your life, you cannot live with your full potential. As it disappears, despair, dejection, hopelessness would immediately replace it. You cannot read more

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The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale 1950

Classic: The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. This is a very great video and Earl reveals the secret which most people will never realize in life.

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