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100_5275My name is Sabas Flores.  I grew up on a farm in the mountains.  We had no electricity and I spent my days milking cows and working the land.  I rode horses back and forth to school.  Needless to say, life was very different.

Since I was a child, I liked having my own stuff.  I remember thinking how I would achieve my dreams and all the things I wanted in life.

I arrived in the United States, the country of opportunity, on July 14, 1998, with “one hand in the front and one in back.”  That is an expression meaning without anything but full of dreams.

I worked at many different places from fast food to garbage collecting, when things were tough.  Then I thought that there had to be another way of doing things.  It was then I made the decision to study English and computer.  Through proficiency in English and extensive knowledge of computers, I would have more doors opened to me.

It was in September 2005 when I was struck with excitement and passion for finance and investment.  That same year was a year of many blessings for my wife Kelly and I with the birth of our beautiful twin daughters, Sophia and Gracie.  With these blessings came the realization that we had accumulated 91,000 dollars in debt.  Every penny that we earned was being used to pay these obligations.

Then was when we decided to change and organize our lives.  We started to do our budget with every penny having its own destination.  We needed to tell the money where to go, not the money to tell us.  Our next goal was to be rid of all our debt.  We were disciplined with our finances for five years.  Finally, in June 2010, with the exception of our home loan, we had the privilege of saying “we are debt-free!”

Now I want to help and serve the people around the world by motivating others to realize their dreams, goals and achieve success in life.

What is Hope and Success?  Hope and Success is about helping others achieve their dreams in life.  Success can be achieved by working on several areas in your life: spiritual, physical, economic, relationships and career.  In my opinion, the real success is when you have a balanced life.

Success is for everyone, regardless of age, education, money or past experience.  There is no excuse.  Everyone can achieve it, without exception. 


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  1. Karen Elliott Tovar says:

    I had the privilege of meeting at UPS in Mesquite and was amazed at your testimony. I was wondering how did you start your UPS career? UPS takes all my time, do you have advice for time management?

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